OZ VAR Training Portal

Transforming the critical challenge of VAR referee training giving referees the opportunity to train from anywhere in the world via a powerful browser-based VAR training portal.

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An intuitive solution for referees

Lowering the complexity of sourcing staff, facilities and time constraints. Reducing the substantial one-off costs for training development and improving the experiences and the abilities of referees.


VAR accessible from anywhere

  • Centralising a faster adoption of VAR skills through a remote digital platform.

  • Helping referees overcome the challenge of doing VAR training whenever they prefer.

  • Powerful VAR interface with minimal technical requirements. 


Interactive VAR simulator

  • Examine scenarios with options normally reserved in a full VAR setup. 

  • Select from multiple cameras on a frame accurate interactive mode. 

  • Live feed running separately from the 3 second delay on a quad screen to get the most accurate training simulation.


VAR instructor feedback

  • Virtual AVAR for realistic decisions. The vital decisions of the on field referee are on hand with a virtual AVAR to give you important info when examining a possible match changing incident 

  • Get feedback on what should have been looked at in the scenario with the VAR instructor feedback.

No installation needed

Working with OZ VAR Training Portal at home on a laptop in a browser on the home Wifi. Full capacity professional VAR system operation.

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