Professional branded content 

Produce high-quality videos for your own live-streaming platform with OZ Sports' broadcasting system.

Make every match matter

From the biggest to the smallest, with OZ you won't need to leave any match out of the picture. 

Stellar Production

Multiple setups to suit any venue - up to 24 cameras installed per location

Precise Tracking System

Technology that automatically tracks the ball and the players on the field

Professional Graphics

Bumpers, 3D stinger, transitions and game stats graphics in real-time

Replays and Slow Motion

High-speed cameras for a multi-angled overview


Elevate your league experience

With our production system installed in every stadium, OZ Sports offers a superior broadcast experience that allows you to cover every game in your league or club, at any time.

Take advantage of your own content in HD/UHD and keep your fan community immersed like never before.

High Quantity with High Quality

We are leading the change in producing high-quality sport content using robotic technologies, GPU processing, and remote workforce. The solution is permanently retro-fitted at sports stadiums, available on-demand, and fully operated by OZ Sports.


From the Dominican Republic

“As the marketing manager of the Federation, I recognize that working with OZ Sports has been a path of continuous improvement where we have been able to achieve the production and distribution of our official matches of the Dominican Football League in a very flexible and convenient way for our growing fan community”

Manuel Rodriguez
Dominican Football League




Get your league up and running

OZ Sports is on a mission to give every sports league, tournament and match the recognition it deserves.