What Exactly Is VAR Technology? And How It Is Used On Live Sports Streaming Service.

February 24, 2020 - Live sports streaming service is a very huge part of professional football and major leagues around the world. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the term live stream means “to stream digital data (such as audio or video material) that is delivered continuously and is usually intended for immediate processing or playback.”

What is VAR Technology?

You may be wondering, what exactly is VAR Technology and how significant it is in live sports streaming service?  VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee and it is crucial in helping to determine in real-time that certain sports rules were adhered to or flouted.

VAR Technology involves the use of video technology to capture different angles during a sports game in real-time. Basically, what this means is that during a live sports streaming service, viewers do not have to wait till the end of the match. Neither do they need to wait for the whole match recording to determine whether a referee made a right judgment?

It is a team of three people who work together to review certain decisions made by the main referee. This review is done by watching video replays of the relevant incidents in the course of a game. The VAR team usually comprises the video assistant referee himself- who will be a current or former referee, his assistant, and a replay operator. They work from a video operation room which has a bank of monitors offering different camera angles.


How Does VAR Technology Work?

So, let us see how exactly VAR Technology works in a live sports streaming service? Well, it is mostly used in the review of about 4 types of decisions. The four decisions include penalties, goals, mistaken identity in awarding cards penalties, and red cards. In the case of, it also includes the review of certain violations that might have occurred in the build-up to them.

During a live sports event, before a decision made on the pitch can be overturned, it must be a "clear error". Usually, the process for reviewing a decision can work in two ways. One instance is for the referee to request a review after making a decision. Another instance is the VAR team can also recommend that a review be done. If the latter situation arises and the VAR judges that there is the potential for a clear error to have been made, they can go ahead to notify the referee. This leaves the referee with 3 options. They can immediately overturn the call based on the VAR's advice. Or they can review the incident themselves on a monitor on the touchline or stick with their initial decision.

On the overall, amidst the different school of thoughts and some other issues that occur on the pitch, VAR Technology plays a significant role in live sports streaming service.

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