Utilizing technology to increase fan engagement

The Technological Sports Boom

February 22, 2020 - Our world has existed in a digital age for well over a decade, and technology continues to become more and more advanced. 

Sporting events were once only attended in person, and following your favorite team was only possible through attending every game or checking box scores in the local newspapers. 

Fans were largely located in a tight radius around the home stadium of the club or team. Gone are those days, ushered in by a wave of technology that promises to change the way in which we follow our favorite sports.  

Our cell phones offer computing power once unheard of and allow us to do any number of things related to our favorite teams. 

Checking scores, stats and watching highlights are all phenomenal opportunities provided to us by the latest sports apps.

Recently, it has become even easier to stream your team’s games directly to your mobile phone wherever you are. 

Increasing Fan Engagement Around the World

As the world grows, we as humans begin to spread out across the globe.  We may not be able to see our favorite sports team play in person, and more and more of us are choosing to ditch cable and move entirely onto the internet. 

The interconnectedness of the internet allows us to maintain high fan engagement through allowing constant access to a vast cache of digestible sports content. 

The biggest of fans like to know every statistic, see every play and never miss a match or game.  Through technological interconnectedness, this is all possible from the palm of your hand. Gone are the days of written box scores and buying sports almanacs. 

Dinner table arguments about which player is better can be solved with a simple search. For those of us who enjoy every corner of the game we love, our taste for sports can be satisfied with mere clicks.  

Many of us grew up watching the game we love on TV and can draw direct ties to moments in our childhood that shaped our devotion to the sport. 

With rising cable prices and increasingly nuanced TV deals and blackouts, we must preserve that time-honored tradition.  

How OZ Sports Can Increase Fan Engagement

Using our platform, your mobile phone has never been more in-tune with happenings in the world of baseball and football. We offer superior streaming services with top-notch quality. 

Any aspiring player, avid fan or die-hard devotee can follow their favorite team in real-time. Stream the games with only a data connection, and never miss a moment.  

The top leagues and organizations around the world have begun to move towards mobile platforms to increase fan engagement. 

The new generation of sports fans has moved online and consumes highlights in masse simply by scrolling.

To cater to this new form of sports fan, OZ sports provides intuitive solutions.  Revolutionize the way your fans follow your sport and continue to draw new and more involved fans with the interconnectedness that todays technology provides. 

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