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February 20, 2020 – In past years, people used to rely on radio jockeys and news programs to stay up-to-date on sporting events. Today, technological changes affect the way people live, work, and receive the information that's important to them, and sports and broadcasting programs are no different.

Over the past year, many technological advancements improved the way fans interact with and enjoy sports and broadcasting. These enhancements help viewers see new angles, nuances, and statistics on favorite players and games, and the technology has evolved far further than even the most dedicated fans may realize.

Technology in Sports and Broadcasting

Whether you're watching a live feed of training camp or the big game, choosing the right media and technology can turn an average viewing experience into one that will have you on the edge of your seat. Cheering your team on has never been easier when you have innovations at your fingertips, such as these:

Over-The-Top Platform

Abbreviated as OTT, Over-The-Top is a sports and broadcasting technology that is gradually taking center stage. OTT provides viewers with their favorite games and programs through online streaming, ensuring that they never miss a match-up, even without cable TV. Used with an internet-connected computer or mobile app, this technology is made for sports fans on the go.

OTT systems enable the sports content provider to better understand each viewer and personalize their experience. This insight also helps broadcasters develop better platforms and game-viewing formats, as more data is available from OTT users over Cable TV sports-watchers. Where once fans might have had to miss a game because of prior commitments, they're now able to watch matches whenever and wherever they happen to be, right on their phones.

While OTT experiences can be either free or paid, it was long believed that free ones lacked quality, or were known to provide a less-than-enjoyable experience for viewers. Thankfully, all that changed for the better with OZ Sports’ OTT technology.

OZ Sports offers leagues like the LDF intelligent OTT solutions, allowing them to seamlessly bring their games' exhilarating content directly to sports fans through OTT. Whether it's streaming the excitement of live games or providing a rich library of archived content, it's easier than ever for teams to give their supporters unprecedented access.

With effective sports and broadcasting technologies, OZ Sports has achieved optimal mobile sports viewing experience for its users and continues to enhance and update its technology for them as well.

By providing innovative OTT systems that are accessible and affordable on both the web and via mobile apps, OZ Sports has quickly risen through the ranks to become a true "MVP" of this new technology.

Mobile Accessibility

Watching a live football or baseball match without a television and cable TV connection was once flat-out impossible. If a fan missed a favorite team's game, they'd just have to read about it in the paper or watch a recap the next day. It was disappointing, but at the time there were no other options available.

The introduction of Over-The-top apps for mobile phones and tablets quickly changed the "playing field" for watching games. With the availability of OTT, sports fans can now tune in to their favorite matches and enjoy without a television in sight.

At OZ Sports, we stay up-to-date with OTT breakthroughs, and we're proud of our streaming sports mobile and tablet apps. We can provide our services for leagues, sports clubs and federations to give the best online viewing experience for their consumers.

The use of these new sports and broadcasting technologies is laying the groundwork for a bright future for the industry. From the use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to live-streaming sports games on mobile phones and tablets, technological innovations work together to provide seamless sports and broadcasting services.

OZ sports remains dedicated to bringing viewers the latest in OTT sports and broadcasting technologies; we work tirelessly to bring you crystal-clear pictures, exciting matches at your fingertips, and of course, the very best in customer service.

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