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Polish professional league adopts the OTT platform for a wider global fanbase

March 20, 2020 – The OTT platform currently helps leagues to attain broader coverage for their matches. It is not surprising that the national Polish football league wants to leverage through this streaming platform. In the bid for a direct-to-fan streaming solution, Ekstraklasa, just like La Liga, is taking full ownership of its content. This makes it the second league in Europe to take this initiative.

To aid this move, OZ Sports has offered Ekstraklasa a reliable means to gather huge amounts of data about the fans, thereby strengthening the global fanbase. The advantage of the OTT platform is enormous and highly beneficial to the Polish professional league.

Easy Access for Global Fans through the OTT Platform

One of the many advantages of live streaming is that fans would be able to access the sporting event while it is ongoing. No matter where the fans are, they can easily watch and enjoy the match. This feels like bringing the stadium to the fans through the power of an OTT platform.

Expanding Global Fanbase

As more and more people across the world can watch the game, the fanbase increasingly grows. With the OTT platform, Ekstraklasa becomes open to an increasing number of its dispersed fanbase, and this is good for the league. 

Easy Access to Player Information

Our OTT platform provides archives of past matches; this is ideal for fans who may have missed older matches, want to re-watch older matches, or are seeing them for the first time. The platform also features highlights of these games and information on team performance during the matches.

Better Live Streaming on the OTT Platform

With the OTT platform, global fans can watch matches from the comfort of their homes. As long as the fan has a solid internet connection, the fan is good to go to ensure smooth streaming of any match by the Polish football league.


The internet is basically free to use. Therefore, live streaming on the internet is both cost-effective for the league and for the fans. Media fees will likely not be required for the league, and this makes broadcasting coverage of matches much easier.

The fans don’t have to travel from wherever they are to view the match. All they have to do is connect to the internet and enjoy the game. Imagine you have to pay for the whole members of your family to travel to watch a game. This can have a devastating effect on your finances. But you can just connect to the internet, and stream the match with your family, saving costs.

The sporting world is evolving, with more innovations and technological advancements. The OTT platform is a great innovation that is highly beneficial to the Polish football league. From easy access to global fans, to expanding global fanbase, to easier access to fun, to better live streaming and being cost-effective, the OTT platform is both advantageous to the league and the fans. OZ Sports, in partnership with Ekstraklasa, is engineering this innovation in a way that would reform the Polish sports industry.

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