OZ Sports starts the roll-out of its innovative 4K sports production technology with a milestone agreement with La Federación Dominicana de Fútbol

ROME, ITALY - 27 February 2019 - FIFA Executive Summit. OZ Sports and the football federation of the Dominican Republic, La Federación Dominicana de Fútbol (the LDF, Fedofutbol), announced today at the FIFA Executive Summit in Rome that OZ will produce all games for the Liga Dominicana de Fútbol using the OZ 4K Robotic Production Platform and broadcast them over a dedicated OTT platform, FEDOFUTBOL GO (now named LDF Live), and to domestic broadcasters. 



Mr. Gudjon Gudjonsson (on the left), CEO and founder of OZ Sports, signing official documents with Mr. Manuel Luna (on the right), president of Fedofutbol.

Mr. Manuel Luna and Mr. Gudjon Gudjonsson stated that the Liga Dominicana de Fútbol will be the first league among the Concacaf countries to utilise OZ’s technology, which enables followers to watch the games using any device and get actively involved as commentators.

“The LDF will have up to two games per week produced by OZ on free-to-air networks and every game will be broadcast via FEDOFUTBOL GO (now named LDF Live), which will be available on multiple platforms,” said Manuel Luna. “This will benefit both the fans of the teams as well as the sponsors, who will have greater brand exposure both nationally and internationally.”

Luna explained that the installation of the necessary infrastructure to produce the matches will take a few months, but the Félix Sánchez and Cibao stadiums will be ready by the start of the season on March 30th. More stadiums will be gradually added until all are equipped with five to ten robotic cameras each.


The deployment of the OZ Venue Systems in the DR. Permanent installation of the production systems to make all the venues production-ready 365/24/7.

“We are taking a gigantic step in the modernisation of our league. This is an important innovation that will benefit all involved: teams, supporters, sponsors, and the media, and we hope that this initiative will allow us to internationalise our football” added Luna.

Gudjon Gudjonsson commented “We are delighted to partner with the LDF. The federation is truly ahead of the curve in terms of where sports production is headed and how best to distribute its league’s content to fans in fun and interesting ways. OZ is an excellent example of how new technology disrupts the old way of doing things, to everyone’s benefit.”

“Given that Manuel was appointed President of the LDF as a part of FIFA’s normalisation committee to take over the running of football in the Dominican Republic three months ago, we are very grateful for this validation of our solution from football’s global governing body” added Gudjonsson.

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