OZ Sports opens a Next-Generation Production Center to operate live multi-camera 4K sports production worldwide

APRIL 18, 2019. OZ Sports opens an International Production Center (IPC) to manage the operation of 16 simultaneous matches worldwide, with a good potential to further grow the operation.

With the launch of the IPC, the company is training sports directors, camera- and replay operators as a part of its On-Demand production workforce talent pool.

“We have opened this center in an area with a large talent pool of creative producers and camera operators that all have a strong desire to help with the production of sports leagues around the world. The talent is especially excited about producing the leagues from the European market, as the time-zone difference is very beneficial. The talent can come in the office at 10 AM and start producing European matches from 11 AM and during the day, even if they are being played at night or in the afternoon in Europe,” said Oliver Rojas Estevez, Head of the OZ Santo Domingo Production Center.

The production centre has multiple production rooms facility to control the company’s unique venue systems. The technology is based on the company's unique low-latency production protocol. This IP operation stack is built for both redundancy and performance that uses advanced Forward Error Correction and the OZ innovative “Reed-Solomon” prioritization of packages delivery of the 12 channel network options that can include multiple fibers, LAN, 3G, LTE, or Sattelite uplink interfaces simultaneously. With this technology stack, the operations centre can control multi-camera 4K camera production from 12.000 km distance.

The camera control stack is based on High-Precision, Fast, Super-Smooth Camera Motions. The operation is fully familiar for any sports camera operator, as the OZ remote interfaces are the same. Camera operators work with tripods with a mounted viewfinder for the camera controls. Each camera operator can control multiple cameras for its setup. This opens up the opportunity for use of more cameras, as the current OZ venue system has support for up to 24 UHD cameras, that can now be managed by just a small team of camera operators.

“The OZ control protocol is based on a precise and natural camera movements at ultra-high- or super slow speeds, with the ability to get up to speed instantly. We are using the same tech that is used in high-budget TV commercials and Hollywood movies. We can have our high-speed camera robots move from standstill to high-speed motion and back again in fractions of a second. We are seeing new improvements and developments after each match week from the OZ production technology team,” said Jhonatan Reyes, Director at the OZ Production Center in Santo Domingo. Jhonatan continues; “We look forward starting using many of the new features set the company is rolling out so that we can start doing things that are harder to do with on-site camera guys at the venue.”

The camera movements do have a speed capacity of 360° per second on all axis with an angular vibration range of only ±0.02°.

With this setup, OZ has started to train and certify production talent. In the first phase, the company expects to train a minimum of 50 talents for both replay operations and camera controls.

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