OZ Sports launches online Video Assistant Referee Training Portal

  • Online Training Portal transforms the critical challenge of referee training which is central to the successful adoption of VAR, particularly during the current crisis.

  • The Portal addresses the complexities and costs of existing VAR training approaches, balancing the need for on-site training with a rich online environment.

  • VAR Online Training Portal sits alongside the OZ Sports VAR solution which is one of the first to be inspected under FIFA's new Quality Programme for VAR Technology.

London, April 5, 2020. OZ Sports today announced the availability of its Online Training Portal, that revolutionises the adoption of VAR solutions in leagues around the world. Even under normal circumstances, the challenges of delivering consistent, high-quality referee training are significant. The COVID-19 crisis compounds these hurdles, both for the ongoing training and match readiness of existing referees as well as the need to bring on new referees as more leagues adopt the technology.

CEO of OZ Sports, Gudjon Gudjonsson said, "By transforming the key challenge of referee training, we are able to simplify the adoption of VAR by leagues around the world. With our VAR Online Training Portal, referees can train anytime, even from their homes, in a rich interactive environment, making the process simple, efficient and effective, even under the current lockdown.”

The incorporation of OZ's VAR Online Training Portal provides new opportunities for off-field practical training to VARs through remote digital training. This reduces the substantial one-off costs and difficulties of certifying VAR officials at specific training areas with the associate for resourcing, staffing and time constraints. Whether training new VARs or keeping existing referees at the top of their game during the coronavirus pandemic, the Portal addresses the complexities and costs of existing VAR training approaches.

The VAR Online Training Portal sits alongside the OZ VAR solution offering that is revolutionising the economics of VAR implementation. Until now, VAR has typically only been used within the top leagues. The OZ Sports VAR solution is delivered as a pay-as-you-go service, removing the barriers to adoption at all levels of football by harnessing technology and changing the economics of implementation by reducing costs and the need for capital outlay.

The OZ VAR solution has recently been one of the first in the world to be inspected under FIFA's Quality Programme for VAR Technology. This new programme aims to verify the quality of VAR technologies in areas such as synchronicity, latency and video quality to ensure the highest standards.

Gudjonsson continues, “The football world has taken crucial steps to modernise its league infrastructures. VAR started as something only for the big leagues, but with the VAR module of the OZ Connected Stadium, a high-quality solution is now a reality for all leagues. By harnessing the latest technology including AI and modern network infrastructures, we can remove the need for complex and overly expensive solutions. The OZ Connected Stadium is a fundamental change to the way the sector approaches sports infrastructure."

About OZ Sports and the mission to make football truly global

The OZ mission is to unite people through innovation by delivering a new world of sports broadcasting at venues globally for leagues, clubs and fans. The aim is to democratise football, offering every league - no matter where in the world - access to the same quality technologies to make the game better.  

OZ solutions help to monetise and elevate the profile of leagues and sports events by offering fans a more interactive and engaging experience. Specifically, the OZ Connected Stadium enables high-quality remote production, branded league apps and OTT distribution, VAR solutions and real-time player tracking. 


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