OZ Sports expands into India as Paresh Kamble joins the team as a Machine Learning specialist

OZ continues to focus on growth at the international level with a new hire in India. 

February 2, 2020 – Paresh Kamble, an accomplished specialist in image processing, computer visioning and deep learning, joins the OZ Sports team as a machine learning specialist. Based in Nagpur, Kamble earned his PhD from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology with a thesis entitled “Predictive Ball Tracking in Soccer using Deep Learning and Probabilistic Approaches”.

“Paresh impressed us with his highly specific and extremely suitable knowledge in soccer ball tracking,” says Gudjon Gudjonsson, CEO of OZ Sports. “He is highly trained in machine learning and AI, in general, but also specifically in the intersection of deep learning, computer vision and soccer. Paresh is a great addition to our team. We are eager to work with him.” 

Prior to obtaining his PhD in image processing, computer vision and deep learning, Kamble completed a Master of Technology at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management and served as guest lecturer at the Rajiv Ghandi College of Engineering and Research. 

“Joining the Oz Sports team is one of the success’ in my life of which I am most proud of,” Says Kamble, Machine Learning Specialist at Oz Sports. “There are very few companies that focus on providing such high-quality content and accessibility, let alone on an international scale. Oz Sports is truly one of a kind and the blending of diverse people and knowledge make an absolutely splendid work environment.”

“Paresh is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about machine learning and AI, but he’s also impressed us with his ability to lead and share that passion with others,” says Gudjonsson. “He has helped students grow and build on their skills over the years. We’re confident that Paresh’s talents will help us in our mission to deliver the ultimate streaming experience for every sport and every fan.”

Originally from the Orange city of India called Nagpur, Kamble was raised in a small family with strong ethics, deep commitment to education and constant and caring support.

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