OZ Sports receives €2.4 million grant from the European Union Horizon 2020 program to strengthen the company’s artificial intelligence field

The collaboration with the European Union is largely based on creating new and exciting jobs for the company at the R&D head office in the Nordics and strengthening knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence in the field of sport.

OZ’s mission is to allow everyone to have the same quality of production, as is now the case in larger premier sports. Thus, women's or youth league games should have the quality of a men's Premier League game. This goal can be achieved through the use of artificial intelligence-guided robots to help control broadcasting. With such methods, a three-person broadcast team could produce what requires a team of 15 people today. Thus, production costs can be kept down and would only be a fraction of what is known today. This allows OZ to work with many more sports divisions than previously.

“This is great recognition for the company and shows the success of the innovation that has taken place in recent years. OZ was among the thousands of companies that applied for this grant, and it was gratifying to be one of the 1% of companies that received the grant. It is a good non-dilutive injection into the company, and this will create dozens of new jobs for us,” says Gudjon Gudjonsson, CEO of OZ Sports.

Good experience has been gained in the company's current technology and has been used for the production of hundreds of foreign sporting events. These include projects that have been done in collaboration with international sports associations such as Concacaf and CONMEBOL.

“When we accomplish producing a youth tournament to look like the Champions League’s final, then we have realized our goals. Getting there is a constant endeavor. Innovation is our main secret weapon. We deploy the newest computer vision methods and robotics techniques. A challenging but exciting project.” 

Enhancing sports through Production, Fan Engagement & Global Distribution

OZ Sports is leading the Game Pass apps revolution, offering integrated sports production with fan commentary. The company sports production technical solution is aimed towards increasing automation and augmented decision making in the production process. Increasing automation involves sophisticated models that identify in real-time what is happening on the field. This enables more precise tracking and detection of sports events than previously possible. With each blink of an eye, the algorithms will have processed numerous frames from all camera angles.  “We are committed to building up the industry's strongest AI and machine learning team to process real-time data from our sports leagues. At the same time, we believe AI is valuable only when it enables better decisions. We are about producing our sports leagues with great storytelling and narratives, powered by people; empowered by machines.” says Gudjon. “Our AI-enabled decision-making platform is to be designed to make good decisions in dynamic environments and in a supportive way.”


About Us

OZ Sports is on a mission to bring immersive experiences to sports fans across the globe through our sports innovation. Part of a global movement, OZ offers a new world of sports entertainment and broadcasting solutions for leagues, event promoters and fans. Through storytelling, global distribution, and stellar production, OZ Sports elevates the profile of leagues and major events by offering fans a more interactive and engaging viewing experience. The journey begins at oz.com.

OZ mission is bringing immersive experiences to sports fans across the globe.

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