OZ finalizes a succesful first season of the Liga Dominicana de Fútbol

SANTO DOMINGO, DR - 25 DEC 2019 - OZ finalizes a successful first season of LDF. The year has come to an end and so has the season for the men’s top-level soccer league in the Dominican Republic - Liga Dominicana de Fútbol (LDF). 

After its late initiation in 2015, LDF has already gone a long way with over 90 matches being played in their latest season, with a portion of them being televised across the region. However, for a small league with a great passion, this was only the start of a larger journey to success. 



Production crew monitoring a match in the OZ production center in Santo Domingo, DR.

A Golden Year for the LDF

Recognizing the coming of a new era of sports and having their eyes set on increasing the level of football on every single match, from fan engagement to global distribution and production, LDF joined forces with OZ Sports - an innovative leader of the digital transition of sports. 

The partnership was announced at the beginning of 2019, just in time for immediate implementation of the new technology that would help elevate the league’s experience, before the start of the season. 

Multiple production cameras were set up in all 10 stadiums around Santo Domingo. OZ Sports worked around some large obstacles (unpredictable weather, theft, weak internet connectivity, etc.) but nothing has ever come in the way of producing a quality match that fans can enjoy during the entire season. Every single match was produced, including full replays, slow-motion, sports graphics & highlights, with 2 matches being licensed to the domestic broadcaster in the Dominican Republic - every week! Fans were enticed to be a part of this story giving their own live commentary on games through the league’s own branded apps FedofutbolGo, which improved the existing pre- and post-game shows. The stellar, high-quality production was all managed from OZ Sports’ own Production Center.

In order to attract and further entertain an audience throughout the season, OZ Sports had applied their own marketing efforts by reaching out to renowned, local influencers, running outstanding digital and social media campaigns, creating graphics, putting together shareable highlights after each match, etc.


The deployment of the OZ Venue Systems in the DR. Permanent installation of the production systems to make all the venues production-ready 365/24/7.

The culmination of this “Cinderella” story came during the final match of the season, with OZ Sports using drones and 12 cameras to produce it. Needless to say, the added technology created a grandiose effect, one that would equal a match from one of the top-tier leagues in the world and that would cost close to 10x more to produce; only now it was finally available to everyone. It was an absolute success.

It would be fair to say that the efforts of OZ Sports to bring the sport back to life has worked wonderfully. Never in the history of soccer in Dominican Republic have all the matches been produced; especially not broadcasted on a stylized platform with organized archived content by team, past & upcoming matches, events and highlights. Fans were able to tune in to watch the matches from the convenience of their homes, using their laptops or iOS & Android phones, even Apple TV. It had never been easier to watch a match!

Regardless of all the obstacles, we, alongside OZ Sports, came out on top with all 90+ games produced over the whole season. The first time in the league’s history that all the matches were produced, in Full HD, with more than ten production cameras on each and every game,” added Mr Rodriguez, marketing manager of LDF.

It has been a great learning curve for the company; a lot of what OZ Sports had faced has allowed the company to further perfect their offering and to better cater to any potential difficulties. They have been able to establish their presence in the Carribeans and plans of expanding their reach into the Central & South American markets are in the works. The OTT & production model that was created in Dominican Republic can be easily reproduced in multiple markets at a very competitive cost. 

The success of this year’s men’s soccer league in Dominican Republic has opened the door to producing the women’s league, for which the season has already started and is being produced and streamed by OZ Sports on the fedofutbolgo.com platform.

2019 was a strong year for OZ Sports and the LDF and 2020 will be even better!

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