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OZ Sports’ partnership with the Dominican Federation has allowed soccer to flourish in Dominican Republic through cost-effective & innovative production, as well as online distribution.

It's been a Golden Year for the LDF


Bringing soccer back to life 

The football federation in the Dominican Republic, stewards of a sport in rapid development, were looking to find a way to improve their image and quality as well as enhancing growth opportunities. An unusual partnership made 2019 a golden year for this developing league. OZ Sports worked with the Dominican federation to broadcast the league’s matches using breakthrough technology and a new philosophy. 

This collaboration and implementation of technological advancements allowed for a quantum leap in broadcasting quantity and quality of football in the Dominican Republic: from production to fan engagement to the global distribution of every league match. Dominican football can now be viewed at the highest broadcast quality across the globe and it can be tailored by fans wanting to enhance their streaming experience. 

A game-changing production system 

OZ Sports’ partnership with the LDF implemented an innovative production system that was installed across the stadiums in the country. This allowed the production of league matches with 10 or more cameras in full HD (with 4K and 60 fps possible).

After the system was installed on location in theft and weather-proof casings, cameras were controlled from a remote location. Here replays, custom graphics, and optical zoom ins-outs were used. Broadcast of this fully-professional, high-end production to end-users over OTT platforms gave the league a showcase platform.


A great journey of value creation

"Together, OZ Sports and the Federación Dominicana de Fútbol have built value in the sports proposition. We overcame quite a few obstacles, and alongside OZ Sports, came out on top with all 90+ games produced over the whole season. This is a benchmark not even all the top European leagues can claim. For the first time in the league’s history, all of the matches were produced, in full HD, with more than ten cameras filming each and every game.

A journey of value creation is how we can define a full season of collaboration with OZ Sports in terms of production and distribution of our matches." 

Manuel Rodríguez,
Marketing Manager, Dominican Football League

Implementing a quality revolution in Caribbean sport

At the start of 2019, LDF decided to change its media approach and move towards top-quality production of all its official matches, changing the presentation of football in the Dominican Republic. This technological leap forward came about in broadcasting matches in a place some may consider an unexpected location, yet with a historic standing in the pioneering spirit.

OZ Sports is also entering new territory as a leader in a sports revolution in the Caribbean. OZ Sports made football history in the Dominican Republic while using artificial intelligence and algorithms to develop a collaborative commercial relationship with the LDF, league teams and entities close to the sport.


App Branding & Customization

Through our ldflive.com platform, on all mobile devices (Apple iOS and Android) and AppleTV, every football fan on the planet has been able to tune in and watch every game of their favourite team in Hispaniola, and their rivals. Attracting an increasing number of users around the world throughout the 2019 LDF season, the local federation was able to build up their own fan community, with CRM platforms simplifying the access to customers. This allowed the organiser, in this case, the LDF, to learn and identify customers’ preferences and priorities.

League Anthem Song by OZ!

The OZ creative team created an exclusive anthem song for the league to help build up their unique identity. This song is played at the stadiums and used in the production of the league. This helps give the LDF league a more unique identity, as an innovative league. 


A bold view of the future

Through the efficient use of technology, OZ Sports has been responsible for the production of more than 100 official league matches throughout the season, delivering, for the first time in the history of the LDF, a top-quality broadcast product to the screens of each football fan, using the varied distribution channels.

The case of the LDF has been hugely successful, putting the league and OZ Sports at the forefront of innovation and technology in sports media. OZ Sports’ broadcast venture in the Dominican Republic is emblematic of the marriage of machine power and the human element. The initiative in the Dominican Republic is integrated into the global push from FIFA to build a stronger foundation for the growth of football: giving more access to young girls and boys to the game, organising and showing competitions, and - as FIFA named it - “Living Football.”

The purpose is to build the base for the sport at all levels - on the field, among fans and technologically - including broadcast and distribution of the game. Moreover, the Caribbean has been identified as a key region for development by FIFA. Now, the new broadcast platforms and methods implemented by OZ Sports are a step forward in the professionalisation and modernisation of all aspects of the sport, as part of the “FIFA Forward” vision.

OZ mission is bringing immersive experiences to sports fans across the globe.

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