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OZ Sports is on a mission to bring people together through sports innovation. Part of a global movement, OZ offers a new world of sports entertainment and broadcasting solutions for leagues, event promoters and fans. Through storytelling, global distribution, web and app-based streaming services and stellar production, OZ Sports elevates the profile of leagues and major events by offering fans a more interactive and engaging viewing experience. The journey begins at oz.com.

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Football Live Streaming for Leagues: The New Trend for Fans

March 10, 2020 – Football is the religion of the world at present. No game has reached or beaten the range of fans and audiences that football enjoys.  Now, to make it more fun, we have initiated the idea of football live streaming.

A Fun New Way to Experience a Beloved Pastime

OZ Sports offers sporting leagues a new streaming platform to provide streaming services to their fans. Football is a beloved pastime, and fans love attending the live game events. The OTT streaming format offers a new way for your fans to experience football and other events. You can decide how to offer the service to your fans, what the pricing will be for your streaming services, etc.


One of the many benefits you will gain from football live streaming with friends is full entertainment. You condemn a player together as you watch with friends or offer a different opinion from theirs. Sometimes, you even hear arguments that amuse you. You can’t experience this when you watch matches alone at home.


Though live events are great, sometimes they’re inconvenient to attend. Other times we have situations like the current pandemic that make attending live events difficult. The OZ Sports platform provides a convenient, fun, and enjoyable way to enjoy the pastime they love.

Distant Fans Can Experience Live Events

Sometimes your fans will be far away from the location of live events, so there’s no way they can attend them. The streaming service you offer them, through Oz Sports, will allow them to experience events that are far away, and allow you to engage with your customer.

Player Statistics and Information

Our OTT platform features all the cool and interesting information about the football players involved in the game. This makes the OTT platform an all-in-one solution for not enjoying the games, but also keeping up-to-date on all your favorite players and keeping up on relevant info on their careers. Player information continues to update as their careers progress.


There is no doubt that you enjoy your match most when you watch it live in the stadium. Also, live streaming football matches with friends can give you a similar experience. It also helps economize your money because you won’t have to pay any late fees.

Chief of the benefit is that it helps to strengthen your support and solidarity for the team you support. You can’t watch other people hail players in the team they support and ignore yours. Watching the match with friends is a communion of fun. It’s a connotation of the mutual understanding of the importance of solidarity.


Oz Sports provides an excellent service of the marketplace, giving sporting leagues a seamless way to provide streaming services to their fans. The Oz Sports platform allows you to determine what you offer and at what price, allowing you to tailor your service and pricing based on your unique business needs.

OZ mission is to democratise sports, offering every league - no matter where in the world - access to the same quality technologies to make the game better.

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