Streaming service built for fans of the Polish league at home and abroad. Get to know the biggest stars of PKO BP Ekstraklasa, see hundreds of playbacks and relive amazing moments from Polish legends.

In just three months the platform Ekstraklasa.TV has had over a hundred thousand sign-ups for the service during the launch period.

A direct-to-fan approach

Going for a direct-to-fan solution, Ekstraklasa has followed in the footsteps of La Liga and, by doing so, became the second league in Europe to take ownership of its content. 

With the OZ Sports, Ekstraklasa is now able to gather a large amount of data about their fans, strengthening their global fanbase. This puts Ekstraklasa in a stronger position than ever to expand the league to places it has never been before.

Pilka nozna. Ekstraklasa. Gornik Zabrze – Zaglebie Lubin. 09.03.2018

The Big Picture

PKO BP Ekstraklasa is the top Polish professional league for men's association football teams. For a league that is as large as PKO BP Ekstraklasa reaching fans worldwide is crucial. They need a reliable platform that provides them with all the necessary tools to achieve that. Thankfully, Ekstraklasa has taken the necessary steps to ensure that international reach and intends on using its new OTT platform to further its expansion. 

Finally, I can watch my favorite team!

"Seventeen years ago I wanted to move abroad for work. I am born and raised in Poznań and have been a supporter of Lech Poznań ever since. It has been a real challenge finding a proper solution to watch the majority of their games during my stay in the US. It wasn’t until I heard about the Ekstraklasa.TV service in August when I could buy Season Pass access and watch every game. Finally, I can watch my team in every game!" 

Lukasz Winko,
Polish resident working in New Jersey, USA

Key Benefits & Features

With Ekstraklasa.TV you can enjoy live matches in real-time and watch the highlights from your favorite team straight on any device and from anywhere in the world. You’ll always get the latest updates about PKO BP Ekstraklasa via email and by browsing the News Page to make sure you never miss a beat of the action! In addition, while viewing matches, you get to pick who you’d like as a commentator from a list of dynamic and exciting figures in the Polish soccer industry. 

  • Worldwide Accessibility
  • Archived Content
  • Live Matches On-Demand
  • Season Pass, Monthly and Pay- Per- View Subscription Options

  • Fan-Favorite Highlights
  • Latest News from the League
  • Remote Commentary
  • Stats on all Matches
Pilka nozna. Gala Ekstraklasy. 21.05.2018

Committed to the best possible experience

“We are committed to offering fans and broadcasters the best possible experience, today and into the future. Ekstraklasa.TV opens new doors for us in terms of global reach, fan experience and monetization of media rights. The platform is an important part of our brand strategy and asserts our position among the most innovative sports leagues in Europe.”

Marcin Animucki,
CEO of Ekstraklasa SA


The Game Pass Experience

With purchases available on all the major platforms you can get your game pass on any device you own, from the Google PlayStore to the App Store and even through our own streaming website Ekstraklasa.TV!


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