Elevate your league experience

With the OZ production system installed in every stadium, we offer a superior broadcast experience that allows you to cover every game in your league or club, at any time.


The future of sports broadcast technology is here. Now.


High-quality remote production

  • Ultra HD broadcast-quality (4K 60fps), up to 24 professional cameras.

  • Remote production workflow for professional sports storytelling. No onsite camera operators needed.

  • Enhanced with slow-motion instant replays on all cameras, advanced sports graphics, and multiple commentary options.

Simplify your production workflow

  • OZ takes care of the stadium installation, production and maintenance of all equipment, leaving you to focus on the games.

  • Permanently installed solution to give you the ability to produce content at any time.

  • Once installed, OZ can quickly deploy innovative VAR solutions and real-time player tracking.


Distribute your produced content

  • Launch your own branded app for the distribution of both live and VOD content.

  • Drive new revenues and opportunities through fan subscriptions and pay-per-view and in app sponsorships

From the Dominican Republic

“As the marketing manager of the Federation, I recognize that working with OZ Sports has been a path of continuous improvement where we have been able to achieve the production and distribution of our official matches of the Dominican Football League in a very flexible and convenient way for our growing fan community”

Manuel Rodriguez
Dominican Football League

Get the most from OZ

 This solution is part of the OZ Connected Stadium; a one-stop-shop for leagues and federations to augment their sports offering. Any sport. Any location.

OZ mission is bringing immersive experiences to sports fans across the globe.

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