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Sports at Force Majeure?

We understand the challenges and financial implications the current pandemic is having on leagues and federations around the world. That’s why the OZ Sports team of experts are offering a free-of-charge Digital Transformation Feasibility Study with no obligation or commercial commitments.

The pandemic has changed the industry and moved the goalposts, with budgets being completely reassessed and future technological roadmaps re-evaluated. Our Feasibility Study provides blueprints on how to reconstruct and rescue various funds lost due to the current global situation.

It's Time for Digital Transformation

By leveraging new methods, top quality standards can be maintained while significantly lowering costs. The OZ Sports Feasibility Study is your gateway to understanding how prepared your league or federation is for the digital transformation. 


To help leagues and federations understand how to: 

  • Cut technology infrastructure costs.

  • Restore budgets impacted by the global pandemic.

  • Increase the output quality of production, VAR and distribution.

The process

Consultation call to cover: 

  • A review of your current league set up and infrastructure.

  • A technical audit, including production, VAR and workflow.

  • Fan engagement model and future league opportunities.

Results delivered

Clearly defined outcomes delivered as: 

  • Transformation Business Plan.

  • Financial Plan.

  • Transformational Vision Deck.

Let's start the conversation

Your free Digital Transformation Feasibility Study could be the beginning of a technical revolution for your league or federation. Provide us with your contact details and we’ll be in contact to provide you with more information and deliver the answers to the questions you may have.

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