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The OZ Sports AI team has developed a perception framework for a detailed semantic understanding of sports games. This framework is a combination of state-of-the-art object detectors, trackers and classifiers which are trained to perform in sports environments. 

The real-time data available from the OZ Sports API can be used to enrich the sports viewing experience and advanced analytical applications. A variety of applications can be built, like athlete performance or tactical analysis, real-time probabilistic estimates of events such as passes or shots-on-target. The data can be used to shed light on the psychological aspects of the players by real-time augmentation to enhance the viewer's experience or acquire more detailed insight into the game.


Uniquely combining deep scientific rigour and sports knowledge to add value to our leagues and clubs partners.

Uncover the latent aspects of the game through the eyes of state-of-the-art algorithms.


API for the Sports Venue

OZ retrofits sports venues with multiple high-quality cameras on a permanent basis. The cameras are connected to our on-site OZ Venue Controller that enables real-time analysis of the players, referees, as well as the ball. These objects are modeled in 3D space such that we have positional, velocity and acceleration meta-data for each detected object. 

Sports Tech Hackathons

OZ Sports works with clubs and federations on managing hackathons aiming to leverage the full potential of the data generated by the API. This can open up new dimensions and ideas for the use of real-time tracking data. The hackathons are a great community and partnership builders for the clubs and can be the bridge between innovative sports startups, larger enterprises, and research institutes. 


OZ Sports API arsenal

Multi-Camera API

Selectively filter footage based on Players, Events, and Camera angles. Real-time and historical footage with metadata. 

  • Get access & metadata to all camera feeds
  • Relative position of all players as well as the ball in frame (bounding box)
  • Absolute position of all players and ball corresponding to the frame
  • Extract and filter footage on: Players, Events and Camera angles

Selectively filter footage based on Players, Events, and Camera angles. Real-time and historical footage with metadata. 

  • Get access to all camera feeds
  • Get metadata with every feed
  • Relative position of players in frame (bounding box)
  • Absolute position of all players corresponding to the frame
  • Relative position of ball in frame (bounding box)
  • Absolute position of ball
  • Extract and filter footage on: Players, Events and Camera angles
Game Metrics API 

Low latency data. Uncover the true state-space of the sport and infer meaningful sport-specific abstractions from the game. Value-adding for analytics and storytelling, including coaching, betting, and scouting.  

  • Ball position and velocity vector in 3d space
  • Player position and velocity vector in 2d space
  • Real-time 3d pose
  • Aggregated positional statistics such as average speed or km traveled 
  • Soccer specific statistics such as possession and passes
Event API

Access all relevant information about the League. Get historical aggregated statistics about Teams and individual Players. Access information about:

  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Matches
  • Teams
  • Player statistics

Working with the OZ Sports API


OZ Venue Controller

The OZ Venue Controller has low-latency, video control protocol and can work within a limited data connectivity. It includes a multi-channel network redundancy system for always-connected scenarios. The proprietary connectivity protocol can support up to 24 UHD cameras, still within the limited data connectivity from the venue. The venue controller is also equipped with high-end GPU for on-venue centralized processing.

Permanently Installed Tracking Cameras

Cameras as permanently installed throughout the venue, using the OZ Outside Camera Enclosures. Each camera optimized with optical lens configuration, based on location and use. The system can be configured for 4K60fps. Each camera is fiber connected and has an integrated machine learning processing engine from OZ for edge processing.


Augmented Reality

Augmented infographics. Integrate concepts from e-gaming partners into real-life sports productions. Augmented Stadiums. Make small stadiums look big and full of colourful, loud, eager spectators. Sponsors. Integrate virtual stadium perimeter advertising. Augmented in-game entertainment.

OZ mission is bringing immersive experiences to sports fans across the globe.

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