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Introducing the OZ Connected Stadium

The one-stop-solution for leagues and federations to augment their sports offering. A suite of services to capture, enhance and distribute content. Any sport, any location.


High-Quality Sports Production

Live production with up to 24 UHD professional sports cameras, enhanced with slow-motion instant replays, advanced graphics and more.

Use our AR to put fans at the heart of closed-door broadcasts

No more VIP seats at stadiums this season, watch out for QE seats as in quantum entanglement. 

To augment existing empty stadiums with fans joining in from their homes - in a parallel universe, superpositioned - and still seen in the broadcast as dynamic avatars they control. Great for existing season ticket holders, and new fans.


VAR Technology and Online Training Portal

FIFA-inspected Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology for football leagues and federations around the world. Interactive online VAR training portal transforms the critical challenge of referee training.

Branded League Apps and OTT Platform

Customizable branded apps for the distribution of both live and VOD content. Drive new revenues through fan subscriptions and pay-per-view.


Free Digital Transformation Feasibility Study

The sports industry is at a force majeure. The Coronavirus pandemic has moved the goalposts for the sports industry and broadcasters alike, impacting plans and budgets across the field. One of the challenges is to decide what the new normal will look like when sport emerges from the crisis.

What role will digital transformation play and what are the financial implications?

Real-Time Player Tracking

Providing real-time data on performance, tactical developments and games statistics. Developer kit with a marketplace of analysis tools and applications.


OZ Sports

A leading sports-tech company providing sports leagues and federations with services to elevate the quality of their tournaments. From live-streaming platforms to the production of matches with integrated VAR, player tracking and more.


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