Energizing live events

Join friends in the metaverse and experience live
events like never before.

Powering sport with community interaction

Maximize viewer engagement with our next-gen OZ Production Services.

Take the stage and amplify your voice

Create unreal events with any level of immersion, from high quality live production to fully immersive virtual worlds.

The community has entered the game

Take interactivity to new heights with event stories dependent on user choice.

Unlimited freedom of expression

Expand the boundaries of your vision and bring your style to the world.

Experience events like never before

OZ Rooms is the universal stage where communities unite through experiencing live events from sports to fashion, and beyond. Users interact using their personalized avatars to bring them closer to the action than ever before - the ultimate playground for friends to come together for out of this world experiences.

OZ is driven by the passion for energizing live events, offering products and services to help creators bring live events to the next level – ranging from next-gen production to immersive virtual worlds. The OZ Rooms app removes physical barriers for audiences in a highly interactive space for experiencing live events.

Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson,

Founder & CEO

Talking about OZ

“The world’s biggest concert stage is born. As artists, we are excited to participate in this ground-breaking discovery and medium, bringing people from around the world to a dramatic and spectacular setting. This marks a breakthrough for creators around the world.”

Georg Holm,

Sigur Rós

“The avatar toolkit from OZ adds a layer of interactivity to virtual worlds we have not seen before. The implementation of audience participation on this grand scale is both novel and inspiring at the same time, the relevance of this new layer to the future of AR, VR and digital entertainment is obvious.”

Atli Mar Sveinsson,

CEO of Directive Games

“OZ already works with sports leagues and federations around the world, providing them with broadcast and content distribution services. Its new product, OZ Rooms, promises to let fans ‘appear’ at the game digitally using their smartphone and lend their voice to a digital crowd.”



The right team for the job


Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson

Founder & CEO
A serial entrepreneur and founder of several successful internet and technology companies. Gudjon is the founder of the company and oversees the strategic direction and management of OZ.

Tom Redman


An experienced finance leader with international expertise, Tom is responsible for overseeing financial strategy, performance and stewardship at OZ. Tom’s previous experience includes EY and DAZN, where he most recently led global commercial finance.


Adalsteinn Palsson

Head of Artificial Intelligence
Leading the AI research at OZ, bringing 6 years of experience from applied deep learning research in quantitative finance, computer vision and robotics to push the boundaries of sports production and analytics.

Early investors and advisors

David Wallerstein

Chief eXploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President at Tencent. David joined Tencent in 2001. He oversees the Company’s international business initiatives through identifying cooperation with multinational partners and he is responsible for Tencent’s operations outside mainland China.

Jon von Tetzchner

Co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, the company behind the Vivaldi web browser and other services for the web’s most demanding and savviest users. He co-founded Opera Software where he served as CEO for 15 years. Opera was an early pioneer in mobile web browsing and more than 350 million people used Opera to enjoy the web on their terms.

Hilmar Veigar Petursson

CEO of CCP Games since 2004 and led the expansion and development of EVE Online. CCP Games was recently sold to South Korean game developer Black Desert Online for $425 million in 2018.

Marc Merrill

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Riot Games, the developer and publisher of League of Legends, one of the world’s largest esports games with approximately 115 million monthly players.

Anything is possible in the metaverse

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